[LA Times] Hollywood swings into Fringe spirit

A dance program performed at the CHOPCHOP beauty salon and gallery. A comic play drawn from bad screenplays. A dialogue-free dramatic performance set to music by the indie pop band the Postal Service. And an evening of drinking songs by the Poxy Boggards. Hollywood hosts an eclectic new entertainment event over the next 10 days … Continue reading


[LA Times] A modern opera run at full throttle

With “Nissan” painted in big, gray letters on its outer wall, a massive, bulky warehouse on Washington Boulevard in Culver City reveals nothing of its new identity as experimental performance. Only upon entering the venue is there any indication of the unusual experience that awaits inside the drab abandoned building — 21 distinct sets spread across 25,000 square feet of space, meant for an audience to traverse scene by scene on a “train” or on foot as the production unfolds…. Continue reading