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[LA Times] UCLA UniCamp programs offer positive role modeling

When 17-year-old Jacqueline Hernandez prepared to set off for UCLA’s UniCamp a few weeks ago, The Times wrote about her goal of completing four days of backpacking in the Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning program.

Jackie had just graduated from Maywood Academy High School and was bubbling with anticipation of a week in the San Bernardino Mountains. When she learned that a knee injury would rule out her hiking plans, her positive spirit was undiminished and she quickly lined up another plan. Jackie returned to UniCamp as a participant in UniCorps, another of the five programs UniCamp offers to motivate and encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Continue reading

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[LA Times] An older sister sets an example for her brothers

August 25, 2010 Attending camps E.L.K. and Coulter Pines in Wrightwood is a family affair for siblings Desirie Banuelos and Ricky Valadez. Run by the Covina-based San Gabriel Valley YMCA, the camps offer participants the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and escape from everyday routine. Now 17, Desirie has attended the sister camps for the … Continue reading