[LA Weekly] Cafe Bolívar’s 10th Anniversary, With Arepas
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[LA Weekly] Cafe Bolívar’s 10th Anniversary, With Arepas

In December, Bolívar Café and Gallery celebrated two achievements. First, its 10th anniversary as a small, bustling Santa Monica café. Second, the arrival of a custom-made arepa machine, and the reappearance — after a year hiatus — of this Venezuelan dish. “On the first day we made over 200,” says owner José Carvajal. “And we haven’t stopped since.” Yes, the arepas — cornmeal patties split lengthwise and filled like a sandwich with ingredients such as panela cheese, chicken and avocado — are that popular… Continue reading

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[Blog] The Donkey Show: From Tijuana to Santa Monica Museum of Art

My trips to Tijuana have always included strolling down the main tourist drag, la Avenida de la Revolución — dodging panhandlers, buying up pottery, and stopping for snacks of tacos, or even better, sizzling bacon-wrapped hot dogs.  I’ve also ogled and smirked at the notoriously cheesy zebra-striped donkeys.  Little did I know about their fabled … Continue reading