[LA Weekly] Ikemen Ramen Open Today in Little Tokyo
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[LA Weekly] Ikemen Ramen Open Today in Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo’s array of ramen eateries attests to the dish’s versatility — and booming popularity….Now, yet another variety has set up shop: Ikemen Ramen, opening today in Little Tokyo’s Weller Court. (Hours are 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.) Ikemen may be new to Little Tokyo, but not L.A. — it debuted in a Hollywood strip mall in fall 2011. The style? Just call it “Hollywood,” says co-owner Max Kawabata. The menu — and techniques behind it — aim for innovation rather than tradition. Continue reading


Lucky Peach – A Lucky Mag?

Just when you thought print journalism was dead, and that magazines in particular were spinning down the drain (such as the venerated Gourmet), Lucky Peach shows up. So much about the venture – a food-themed quarterly published by McSweeny’s – seems improbable.  The inaugural edition… runs at 174 pages long. contains ZERO advertisements. costs only $10. focuses on ramen noodles. was first conceived … Continue reading