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We huddled over the mess of branches and leaves in search of jewels.  “There’s a whole bunch over here!” one student exclaimed, and the others followed his direction.  Each orange sphere that we plucked shimmered in the sunlight.  The jewels, of course, were baby tomatoes.  We also sought out luminous eggplants. Later that Friday evening, … Continue reading

[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.
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[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.

“Poetry is like bread; it should be shared by all,” Nobel-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda once wrote.

Author Antonio Skármeta of Chile agrees. His 1985 novel with Neruda as a central character, “Ardiente Paciencia” (Burning Patience), gave birth to 200 adaptations, including theater, radio and film; a ballet and musical are planned. The 1994 Italian movie “Il Postino” (The Postman) is the book’s most famous iteration. Now, audiences can sample another version…. Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Pulitzer-winner Jonathan Gold to speak about food and culture in L.A.

By: Daina Beth Solomon *Unpublished March 3, 2010 Imagine picking up the colorful, alternative LA Weekly instead of a brick-thick Sociology or Urban Studies textbook, and, for homework, reading Jonathan Gold’s restaurant reviews.  More than describe the best spots for tortas ahogadas or Peking duck, Gold’s writings also comment on Los Angeles culture and society.  … Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Robert Winter: A Legendary Educator

Robert Winter, a retired Oxy professor, architecture enthusiast, and charismatic speaker, radiated excitement during a lecture given to 31 Oxy students in his own living room. Art History and Visual Arts Professor Amy Lyford has brought her “Modern Architecture” class to hear Winter talk about Arts and Crafts architecture. It was a short trip on the Bengal Bus; Oxy is only a few miles from Winter’s Pasadena home overlooking the Arroyo Seco. Like many of Pasadena’s architecturally significant dwellings, it has a name – the Batchelder House, in recognition of its architect and first resident, the esteemed tilemaker Ernest Batchelder…. Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Oxy Abroad Student Blogs from France and Spain

By: Daina Beth Solomon Issue date: 2/4/09 Section: News For many students, college years are ideal for foreign travel and study. Students participating in study abroad programs can combine academics with immersion in foreign cultures and further their understanding of the world. Students usually choose locations related to their area of study and often hope … Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] An Oxy Student’s Guide to the Metro Gold Line Extension

As the Metro Gold Line’s sleek train approaches Union Station, the east-bound passengers waiting on the platform come to attention. Giggling teenage girls with studded lips and bright fuscia hair stop smacking their chewing gum. A young guy, shaking his head to the sound of his earphones, grips his skateboard more tightly to his chest. Another man, jeans splattered with white paint, firmly guides his bicycle. A woman in an electric wheelchair moves forward down the platform. They are all headed East…. Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Collaboration Celebration

Oxy poets and composers team up to produce melodic accompaniment to the Homecoming concert and President Veitch’s inauguration Section: Features This weekend won’t be an ordinary Homecoming at Occidental College as we celebrate the inauguration of Occidental’s 14th president, Jonathan Veitch. The inauguration festivities will add to the sports events, pep rallies, alumni receptions and … Continue reading