“Art in the Streets” at MOCA

Click, click.  Snap.  Cha-cha-ching. Everywhere around me cameras clattered away. “Honey, I’m telling you, there’s a whole lot more to see,” a father told a young girl who faced a car painted bright colors and decked out with knick-nacks by artist Kenny Scharf. He waited as she slowly, deliberately, hit the shutter. “I don’t know … Continue reading


[LA Times] James Franco: Soap opera on exhibit

About four hours after soap opera and contemporary art fans arrived to watch actor James Franco tape an episode of “General Hospital” at the Pacific Design Center Thursday night, many were still baffled.

“Do you know what’s going on?” one asked in a not-so-quiet whisper. “I’m still learning myself,” answered another. Over the course of the evening, Franco found that he had a lot of explaining to do…. Continue reading