[Blog] Tijuana Culinary Tour
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[Blog] Tijuana Culinary Tour

Ever since the Mexican-American War split a chunk of Mexico’s west coast in 1848, Tijuana’s border existence between two major countries has made it unique. The position has made the city a hot spot for tourism, crime, drug trafficking, immigration, industrialization, art, music, and even “zonkeys.” But now there’s another reason for Tijuana’s singularity: the food. During three days last October, I sampled some of Tijuana’s finest food from taquerías to posh restaurants. Read about it here. [Post in both English and Spanish.] Continue reading

[LA Weekly] Diana Kennedy at LACMA: Oaxacan Foods, Book Signing + Proper Tortillas
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[LA Weekly] Diana Kennedy at LACMA: Oaxacan Foods, Book Signing + Proper Tortillas

Diana Kennedy, the Mexican cuisine authority and cookbook author, doesn’t often travel outside of Mexico, where she lives in rural Michoacán a few hours from Mexico City. For the past 65 years, Mexico has been her home, and a laboratory for her studies and writings about Mexico’s regional cuisines. So her appearance last Sunday at the L.A. County Museum of Art for a brief talk and book signing presented a rare opportunity for Angelenos to meet the woman who’s often called “the Julia Child of Mexican food.” Like Child, Kennedy has shared her vast knowledge on a topic that had previously been both exotic and esoteric in the United States. Her latest book, Oaxaca al Gusto from 2010, ismuch more than a cookbook. The 450-page tome presents a study of Oaxacan cultural history illuminated by glorious photographs, many taken by Kennedy herself…. [keep reading] Continue reading

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[Blog] Lucha Libre in Boyle Heights

“Aaaiiiiiiiiiiii!” The bulk of a man shrieked as he thudded to the ground in an attack on his opponent. The two flailed about on the floor, each trying to pin down the other. The spectators roared with cheers and put downs alike. “Go get ’em!” cried some. “Pinche pendejo!” belted others. The noise was accented by a sound not always heard at sports events: raucous laughter.

Lucha libre is supposed to be silly. Continue reading

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Café Tacvba Celebrates 20th Anniversary With “Seguir Siendo”

I squinted at the small TV, trying to figure out what to make of the enthusiastic, eccentric performers on the screen.   The small guy with the nasaly voice wearing an image of large breasts on his t-shirt.   The slender pianist who paused his playing to raise his arms and do a dance from the torso … Continue reading

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Concert Review: True Amor for Julieta Venegas

“The fantasy is better,” Julieta Venegas belted to open her Club Nokia show on May 19th. This may be true of the song’s glorification of “amores platonicos,” but not a concert by Venegas. The Mexican pop songstress brought such joy, spirit and energy to her live performance that it exceeded any fantasy one could have had of seeing her in person… Continue reading

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Los Tigres del Norte bring their roar to Disney Concert Hall

Also see my preview article, “Los Tigres del Norte to make history at Walt Disney Concert Hall,” published in the Los Angeles Times. Los Tigres del Norte plays at the same venues that host rodeos, professional bull riders and country fairs.  So its show last Friday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall offered the band an opportunity … Continue reading

[LA Times] Los Tigres del Norte to make history at Walt Disney Concert Hall
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[LA Times] Los Tigres del Norte to make history at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Friday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Tigres del Norte will make history. Although the Mexican super group is known for its ability to cross borders, performing at the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic will be a new frontier.

The show will mark the first time a regional Mexican band has played at the venue since it opened in 2003. Though Los Tigres attract audiences of thousands to their Los Angeles gigs, the group has never performed at a Los Angeles venue with the cultural stature and acoustics of Disney Hall…. Continue reading

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[Blog] Amazing Musical Magical Moments in Mexico City

Originally published on the kick-ass Nacional Records blog in three parts in February of 2008. For the Nacional blog I wrote with the persona of a Spanglish speaking, Spanish music-obsessed “teenage gringa chick.”  Guess what! I’m no longer the gringa 17-year-old music loca – I’m now 18 and still anxious to tell you more about my … Continue reading