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[Blog] Lucha Libre in Boyle Heights

“Aaaiiiiiiiiiiii!” The bulk of a man shrieked as he thudded to the ground in an attack on his opponent. The two flailed about on the floor, each trying to pin down the other. The spectators roared with cheers and put downs alike. “Go get ’em!” cried some. “Pinche pendejo!” belted others. The noise was accented by a sound not always heard at sports events: raucous laughter.

Lucha libre is supposed to be silly. Continue reading


Foreshadowing in The Onion Field: The Embedded Messages of Nonfiction

People tell stories to express histories, events, concepts and ideas and writers understand that such stories can never be impartial or objective. Rather than simply reporting facts, stories shape facts, giving them new significance and relevance. By stressing certain points and omitting or downplaying others, writers seek to express a certain slant or angle. In the process, writers often distort or modify the truth –intentionally developing their stories to support a theme or message…. Continue reading