[Blog] Bäco Mercat Now Open: When is a Coca a Pizza? (+ Photos)

[Blog] Bäco Mercat Now Open: When is a Coca a Pizza? (+ Photos)

A couple of days ago, I arrived for lunch early and peeked into the kitchen. Cooks were slamming huarache-shaped rounds of dough onto a hot griddle where bubbles burst forth like boiling lava. These flatbreads became the base for bäcos and cocas, two of the menu’s signature items….The coca I tasted came with confit tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked jalapeno and basil. And it was delicious – the perfect mix of dry crunch and soft, savory sauce. But wait. Wasn’t it just a thin version of pizza?… Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Pulitzer-winner Jonathan Gold to speak about food and culture in L.A.

By: Daina Beth Solomon *Unpublished March 3, 2010 Imagine picking up the colorful, alternative LA Weekly instead of a brick-thick Sociology or Urban Studies textbook, and, for homework, reading Jonathan Gold’s restaurant reviews.  More than describe the best spots for tortas ahogadas or Peking duck, Gold’s writings also comment on Los Angeles culture and society.  … Continue reading