[LA Times] ‘Werewolves’ is an anti-‘Twilight’ tale that runs red in watercolor

When Paul Jessup brainstormed the story for “Werewolves,” the illustrated book that hits stores this week, he thought about what was missing in popular supernatural tales such as “The Lost Boys” or “Twilight.” What he heard in his head was the voice of a strong female character…. Continue reading

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[LA Times] ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ screens for free Saturday

We all know The Mouse, but who ranks as the second most popular character from the classic Disney pantheon? Forget Donald Duck and don’t think Goofy — it’s Tinker Bell, at least according toBradley Raymond, the appropriately biased writer and director of Disney’s new direct-to-video feature “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.”… Continue reading

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[LA Times] In protest against ‘The Last Airbender,’ fans find empowerment

As protesters paraded outside the ArcLight Hollywood theater Thursday evening, signs filled the air with hand-written phrases such as “Support fair casting!” and “Hollywood is racist and too ignorant to know it!” The chant of “Get it right, M. Night!” rose above the noise of Sunset Boulevard rush-hour traffic. Meanwhile, just inside the ArcLight’s doors, an usher busied herself preparing rows of 3-D glasses for the next showing of “The Last Airbender.”… Continue reading

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[LA Times] Fun in Job1 at Anime Expo

On Thursday, Nicki Ousley will don a Victorian-style blue dress with white lace and wield a fierce saber. Kate Hopp and 11 friends will dress up as residents of feudal Japan, wearing kimonos, peasant pants and straw hats accessorized with samurai swords and plastic snakes. Jayson Nufable will tie a bandanna over the mullet hairstyle he’s grown and cover his body in futuristic head-to-toe armor.

Their clothes will be unusual, but Ousley, Hopp and Nufable won’t look out of place. They’re headed to the 2010 Anime Expo… Continue reading

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[LA Times] ‘Heroes’ creator Tim Kring takes a leap with ‘Conspiracy for Good’

“Heroes” creator Tim Kring believes today’s audience is no longer content to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Kring’s latest project to take flight is “Conspiracy for Good,” in which participants follow and interact with a tale of good versus evil as it develops in “real time” across the Web, mobile devices and staged events. This trans-media storytelling is about immersion, but there are a few other wrinkles that has Kring enthused. For one thing, at the finish line of this project there may be more than the satisfaction of a new-tech story experience, there will be a good deed done in the “real” world…. Continue reading