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[LA Times] ‘School Pride’ gets mixed grades from L.A. Unified

Local school officials reluctantly allowed a reality television show onto campuses with promises of remodeling, then got stuck with a substandard paint job at one school and at another an embarrassing made-for-TV “reenactment” of an event that never occurred…. Continue reading

[LA Times] The Wiggles: Bubbly superstars of the preschool set
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[LA Times] The Wiggles: Bubbly superstars of the preschool set

Who can resist the Wiggles? The Australian group has spent the last 20 years clowning around onstage, bringing its songs, smiling faces, brightly colored turtleneck jerseys and bubbly personalities to kids around the world.

Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Sam Moran, color-coded as, respectively, the blue, red, purple and yellow Wiggles, appeal to kids with their carefully choreographed simplicity and lyrics such as “Fruit salad, yummy yummy! Fruit salad, yummy yummy!”…. Continue reading


[LA Times] A modern opera run at full throttle

With “Nissan” painted in big, gray letters on its outer wall, a massive, bulky warehouse on Washington Boulevard in Culver City reveals nothing of its new identity as experimental performance. Only upon entering the venue is there any indication of the unusual experience that awaits inside the drab abandoned building — 21 distinct sets spread across 25,000 square feet of space, meant for an audience to traverse scene by scene on a “train” or on foot as the production unfolds…. Continue reading