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[Oxy Weekly] Robert Winter: A Legendary Educator

Robert Winter, a retired Oxy professor, architecture enthusiast, and charismatic speaker, radiated excitement during a lecture given to 31 Oxy students in his own living room. Art History and Visual Arts Professor Amy Lyford has brought her “Modern Architecture” class to hear Winter talk about Arts and Crafts architecture. It was a short trip on the Bengal Bus; Oxy is only a few miles from Winter’s Pasadena home overlooking the Arroyo Seco. Like many of Pasadena’s architecturally significant dwellings, it has a name – the Batchelder House, in recognition of its architect and first resident, the esteemed tilemaker Ernest Batchelder…. Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Exploring the Philippines in Occidental’s Backyard

By: Daina Beth Solomon Issue date: 3/25/09 Section: Features The fa├žade of Eagle Rock Plaza is unremarkable. Some might call it ugly. Street-level stores suggest a predictable American mall, featuring Chuck E. Cheese, Macy’s and Target. But underneath, nothing is ordinary. An oasis of cultural delight and wonder hides on the lower level. Tangy, tantalizing … Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] The Victorian Los Angeles

A journey one hundred years back to the age of kerosene lamps and cross-country train expeditions, preserved in central Los Angeles By: Daina Beth Solomon Issue date: 11/25/08 Section: Features What is that cluster of Victorian buildings by the Arroyo Seco that drivers see from the Pasadena Freeway? A movie set? A Victorian-style theme park? … Continue reading

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[Oxy Weekly] Collaboration Celebration

Oxy poets and composers team up to produce melodic accompaniment to the Homecoming concert and President Veitch’s inauguration Section: Features This weekend won’t be an ordinary Homecoming at Occidental College as we celebrate the inauguration of Occidental’s 14th president, Jonathan Veitch. The inauguration festivities will add to the sports events, pep rallies, alumni receptions and … Continue reading