[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.
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[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.

“Poetry is like bread; it should be shared by all,” Nobel-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda once wrote.

Author Antonio Skármeta of Chile agrees. His 1985 novel with Neruda as a central character, “Ardiente Paciencia” (Burning Patience), gave birth to 200 adaptations, including theater, radio and film; a ballet and musical are planned. The 1994 Italian movie “Il Postino” (The Postman) is the book’s most famous iteration. Now, audiences can sample another version…. Continue reading


[LA Times] Norton Simon Museum sends off its geese guests

The sculpture garden at Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum looks like a Monet painting brought to life. With its serene pond, lush greenery and delicate flowers, the garden is a celebrated museum attraction and a natural draw for visitors. Especially the geese…. Continue reading

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[LA Times] Autry Center welcomes Roy Rogers’ first guitar to collection

It was Cincinnati, 1929, and the Slye family was struggling to make ends meet. To help out, 17-year-old Leonard Slye traded high school for a shoe factory job. Perhaps it was a youthful whim that led him to pay $20 for a guitar from a secondhand shop. Little did he realize how much the investment would pay off, leading him down happier trails to a life of fame and success as TV, film and radio star Roy Rogers…. Continue reading


[LA Times] James Franco: Soap opera on exhibit

About four hours after soap opera and contemporary art fans arrived to watch actor James Franco tape an episode of “General Hospital” at the Pacific Design Center Thursday night, many were still baffled.

“Do you know what’s going on?” one asked in a not-so-quiet whisper. “I’m still learning myself,” answered another. Over the course of the evening, Franco found that he had a lot of explaining to do…. Continue reading

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[LA Times] ‘Gangsta Wagner’ puts a hip-hop spin on the ‘Ring’ cycle at Grand Performances

With his loose cream-colored suit, red and white high-tops, short fluffy beard and hair braided into two tight strands running down his broad back, Geoff“Double G”Gallegos hardly looked like the stereotypical symphonic conductor. While bouncing on the podium, he vigorously waved at the rows of musicians before him who swayed with their instruments. Full sections of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion were represented, plus turntables, keyboards and electric guitars. Behind Gallegos, at the front of the stage, young men in baggy jeans and bright T-shirts bobbed their heads furiously as they rapped and sang. Mixing hip-hop and rap with symphonic sounds might be a surprising blend, but it sure made for an energetic show…. Continue reading


[LA Times] A modern opera run at full throttle

With “Nissan” painted in big, gray letters on its outer wall, a massive, bulky warehouse on Washington Boulevard in Culver City reveals nothing of its new identity as experimental performance. Only upon entering the venue is there any indication of the unusual experience that awaits inside the drab abandoned building — 21 distinct sets spread across 25,000 square feet of space, meant for an audience to traverse scene by scene on a “train” or on foot as the production unfolds…. Continue reading