[LA Weekly] Clean Plates Los Angeles 2012: Attempts Healthy L.A. Dining Guide

By Daina Beth Solomon Mon., Jan. 9 2012 at 11:47 AM Clean Plates Los Angeles 2012: A Guide to the Healthiest Tastiest and Most Sustainable Restaurants for Vegetarians and Carnivores, released last week by New York City-based “health coach” Jared Koch, is more than another list of restaurant recommendations. First, the book’s 52-page “Design Your Own Diet” … Continue reading

[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.
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[LA Times] ‘Il Postino’s’ route: ’70s Chile to ’50s Italy to Thursday night in L.A.

“Poetry is like bread; it should be shared by all,” Nobel-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda once wrote.

Author Antonio Skármeta of Chile agrees. His 1985 novel with Neruda as a central character, “Ardiente Paciencia” (Burning Patience), gave birth to 200 adaptations, including theater, radio and film; a ballet and musical are planned. The 1994 Italian movie “Il Postino” (The Postman) is the book’s most famous iteration. Now, audiences can sample another version…. Continue reading


[LA Times] ‘Werewolves’ is an anti-‘Twilight’ tale that runs red in watercolor

When Paul Jessup brainstormed the story for “Werewolves,” the illustrated book that hits stores this week, he thought about what was missing in popular supernatural tales such as “The Lost Boys” or “Twilight.” What he heard in his head was the voice of a strong female character…. Continue reading

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[LA Times] In the shadows of a world torn apart by war

For Alan Furst, writing about European history in the 1930s and 1940s is like exploring “a room with a thousand corners.” His latest World War II book, “Spies of the Balkans,” is his 11th in a series of espionage novels set in Europe after Hitler’s ascent to power and seeks out yet another corner of the conflict… Continue reading