Straight Inta Compton

Daina created the website Straight Inta Compton in the fall of 2010, mixing projects from Creative Nonfiction and Journalism classes at Occidental College.

The site offers a look into one of south LA county’s most troubled, maligned, hopeful and fascinating cities — a city with many reputations: One of America’s oldest cities, famous for raising athletes and rappers. Notorious for crime, poverty, gangs, drugs and political corruption. Challenged by cultural and racial transformations. Remarkable for its resilient, talented, accomplished and dedicated residents. Surprising for its secrets and treasures…local agriculture, a nature preserve, thoroughbred horse riding, and more. A microcosm of the promise and peril of America’s urban areas.

The site, as with the city, is a work-in-progress.

Special thanks to Occidental professors Deborah Martinson and Bob Sipchen as well as LA Times writer Scott Gold for their guidance.

As I Leave, Believe I’m Stompin

But When I Come Back, Boy,

I’m Comin Straight Outta Compton