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[LA Times] Fashion’s Night Out: Live blogging

“Fergie! Fergie!” cries a young boy in a fringed leather jacket clutching an iPhone in one hand and a Fergie CD in the other as he runs toward the escalator where she has appeared. Dressed in a short, tight, sky-blue dress, Fergie hugs the boy and poses for a photo. About 200 people have gathered at Nordstrom at the Grove, where the Black Eyed Peas singer signs autographs for shoppers who buy from her newest shoe collection. Continue reading

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[LA Times] UCLA UniCamp programs offer positive role modeling

When 17-year-old Jacqueline Hernandez prepared to set off for UCLA’s UniCamp a few weeks ago, The Times wrote about her goal of completing four days of backpacking in the Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning program.

Jackie had just graduated from Maywood Academy High School and was bubbling with anticipation of a week in the San Bernardino Mountains. When she learned that a knee injury would rule out her hiking plans, her positive spirit was undiminished and she quickly lined up another plan. Jackie returned to UniCamp as a participant in UniCorps, another of the five programs UniCamp offers to motivate and encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Continue reading

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[LA Times] The L.A. Flower District is not just for wholesalers; the public’s invited too

Within the concrete heart of downtown Los Angeles, an area three blocks long and two blocks wide fills with daily shipments of blossoms in every color, size, shape and fragrance imaginable. Bold sunflowers. Delicate baby’s breath. Boisterous red roses. Pastel snap dragons. Golden orchids flecked with red. Fluffy white carnations. This is the Los Angeles Flower District… Continue reading


[LA Times] ‘Werewolves’ is an anti-‘Twilight’ tale that runs red in watercolor

When Paul Jessup brainstormed the story for “Werewolves,” the illustrated book that hits stores this week, he thought about what was missing in popular supernatural tales such as “The Lost Boys” or “Twilight.” What he heard in his head was the voice of a strong female character…. Continue reading

[LA Times] The Wiggles: Bubbly superstars of the preschool set
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[LA Times] The Wiggles: Bubbly superstars of the preschool set

Who can resist the Wiggles? The Australian group has spent the last 20 years clowning around onstage, bringing its songs, smiling faces, brightly colored turtleneck jerseys and bubbly personalities to kids around the world.

Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Sam Moran, color-coded as, respectively, the blue, red, purple and yellow Wiggles, appeal to kids with their carefully choreographed simplicity and lyrics such as “Fruit salad, yummy yummy! Fruit salad, yummy yummy!”…. Continue reading

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[LA Times] ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ screens for free Saturday

We all know The Mouse, but who ranks as the second most popular character from the classic Disney pantheon? Forget Donald Duck and don’t think Goofy — it’s Tinker Bell, at least according toBradley Raymond, the appropriately biased writer and director of Disney’s new direct-to-video feature “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.”… Continue reading

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[LA Times] Autry Center welcomes Roy Rogers’ first guitar to collection

It was Cincinnati, 1929, and the Slye family was struggling to make ends meet. To help out, 17-year-old Leonard Slye traded high school for a shoe factory job. Perhaps it was a youthful whim that led him to pay $20 for a guitar from a secondhand shop. Little did he realize how much the investment would pay off, leading him down happier trails to a life of fame and success as TV, film and radio star Roy Rogers…. Continue reading