[LA Weekly] Read This Now: The New Yorker on Misión 19’s Javier Plascencia
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[LA Weekly] Read This Now: The New Yorker on Misión 19’s Javier Plascencia

Misión 19 in Tijuana, chef Javier Plascencia’s first independent venture, is celebrating its one-year-anniversary. Read “The Missionary,” a profile of Plascencia by Dana Goodyear in this week’s New Yorker, and you’ll learn why that matters. Plascencia’s mission is to bring innovative but authentic cuisine to the notorious border city where he grew up, Goodyear writes. And he’s created Misión 19 as an ultra-hip spot to draw locals and tourists alike into the fold. His ambition is no less than to spur a culinary renaissance in troubled but vibrant Tijuana… Continue reading

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[Blog] Lucha Libre in Boyle Heights

“Aaaiiiiiiiiiiii!” The bulk of a man shrieked as he thudded to the ground in an attack on his opponent. The two flailed about on the floor, each trying to pin down the other. The spectators roared with cheers and put downs alike. “Go get ’em!” cried some. “Pinche pendejo!” belted others. The noise was accented by a sound not always heard at sports events: raucous laughter.

Lucha libre is supposed to be silly. Continue reading

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[Blog] The Donkey Show: From Tijuana to Santa Monica Museum of Art

My trips to Tijuana have always included strolling down the main tourist drag, la Avenida de la Revolución — dodging panhandlers, buying up pottery, and stopping for snacks of tacos, or even better, sizzling bacon-wrapped hot dogs.  I’ve also ogled and smirked at the notoriously cheesy zebra-striped donkeys.  Little did I know about their fabled … Continue reading

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Los Tigres del Norte bring their roar to Disney Concert Hall

Also see my preview article, “Los Tigres del Norte to make history at Walt Disney Concert Hall,” published in the Los Angeles Times. Los Tigres del Norte plays at the same venues that host rodeos, professional bull riders and country fairs.  So its show last Friday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall offered the band an opportunity … Continue reading

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[Blog] Amazing Musical Magical Moments in Mexico City

Originally published on the kick-ass Nacional Records blog in three parts in February of 2008. For the Nacional blog I wrote with the persona of a Spanglish speaking, Spanish music-obsessed “teenage gringa chick.”  Guess what! I’m no longer the gringa 17-year-old music loca – I’m now 18 and still anxious to tell you more about my … Continue reading

Concert Review: Alma Campesina Mariachis at Boyle Heights’ El Mercadito
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Concert Review: Alma Campesina Mariachis at Boyle Heights’ El Mercadito

Entering El Mercadito in Boyle Heights feels exactly like entering a marketplace in Mexico City.  The smell of fresh pan dulce, the sizzling of elote, the shopkeepers yelling “¡Pásale, pásale señorita!,” rainbow-colored rows of boots, and especially the music.  At El Mercadito, vendors sell all types of Mexican music, and often invite guests to sample … Continue reading