Downtown Art Park at The Medallion

“Where’s the wine and cheese?” “I’m sure they don’t have it.” With this overheard conversation snippet, cue your introduction to Downtown Art Park at The Medallion, a new residential complex in the Historic Core that is adjacent to both Pete’s Cafe and Skid Row. Once a month for Art Walk its grounds and as-yet unleased … Continue reading

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[Blog] The Donkey Show: From Tijuana to Santa Monica Museum of Art

My trips to Tijuana have always included strolling down the main tourist drag, la Avenida de la Revolución — dodging panhandlers, buying up pottery, and stopping for snacks of tacos, or even better, sizzling bacon-wrapped hot dogs.  I’ve also ogled and smirked at the notoriously cheesy zebra-striped donkeys.  Little did I know about their fabled … Continue reading