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[Blog] Amazing L.A. Sign: “Chickens taste like Lexus!?”

Daina, Alexis and Andrew at LA Chicken

Daina, Alexis and Andrew at LA Chicken

L.A. is home to countless wacky and whimsical and often nonsensical signs. One of the most unique has to be at Little Tokyo’s LA Chicken, a quick-serve joint specializing in Mexican-Japanese fusion, like the burrito with sushi rice, chicken, avocado, beans, cilantro, and potato salad.

LA Chicken became a favorite snack stop for me and the other interns at Visual Communications a couple of summers ago. (The office was just a stone’s throw away.) So when we reunited the other day, we just had to stop for a photo with the sign, which is also LA Chicken’s tagline. It declares in bold font: “LA Chicken…where the chickens taste like Lexus!?” Lexus, of course, represents the ultimate in Japanese luxury cars. Why wouldn’t a delectable chicken leg remind you of a sleek, suave sedan?

What I find especially funny is that this sign replaced one that read, “…the chicken taste like Lexus…” Now the grammar is correct, but it’s still not quite right. Which makes it perfect.

See also: Another crazy sign, in Highland Park.


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