[Blog] Lotus Link Roundup: Ciclavia, Planet Taco + Yoani Sanchez Arrested

Lotusland’s roundup of what’s cool to read this week on the web.

Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez was arrested in Cuba. / Desdecuba.com


The Source: Go Metro to fifth CicLAvia featuring a new route and five new hubs

Metro’s update on Ciclavia happening this Sunday, Oct. 7.


Arizona Daily Sun: Planet Taco

An article from 2010 about food scholar Jeffrey Pilcher’s research on the global phenomenon of Mexican food. He speaks at USC on Oct. 9 at 3 p.m. at the Doheny Memorial Library.

LA Weekly: Feria de los Moles This Weekend: Puebla Vs. Oaxaca

Read about this awesome food fest happening Sunday, Oct. 7, in my post for the LA Weekly.


ABC News / Univisión: Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez Arrested in Cuba

¡Ay caramba! Troubling news for our favorite Cuban dissident! The reason for the arrest is not yet known.


The Los Angeles Times: Yvonne Mounsey dies at 93; Westside School of Ballet director

Yvonne Mounsey, my ballet teacher for many years, died Oct. 29 at age 93. Also in The New York Times.

The Wall Street Journal: The Ballet That Changed Everything

This article by a former New York City Ballet dancer Toni Bentley examines my all time favorite non-story ballet, Serenade, choreographed by the genius George Balanchine.


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