[Blog] Lotus Link Roundup: News Consumption Stats, Mexican Institute of Sound Interview + NY Says LA is ‘the Future’

Lotusland’s roundup of what’s cool to read this week on the web.

The New York Post says Los Angeles — especially Downtown, as pictured here — is “the future.” / D. Solomon


New York Post: Los Angeles is the Future

A look at L.A.’s top neighborhoods, starting with downtown: “It all might be rough around the edges, and sometimes you have to dig to get to the greatness — that’s LA in a nutshell — but if you want to see and taste the diverse and unique world-class city that Los Angeles is becoming, Downtown is where you start.” Right on!

LA Streetsblog: Economic Review of 6th Street Road Diet Shows Bike Lanes Don’t Cause Loss of Business

Attention, northeast LA folk: This study was based on a 2.2 mile stretch of York Boulevard between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Figueroa Street. What’s a road diet? When a road gets bike lanes, and other lanes are eliminated or narrowed.


El Colombiano: Medellín fue nominada como una de las 25 ciudades más innovadoras del mundo

Medellín, one of Colombia’s largest cities, was nominated as one of the 25 most innovative cities in the world.


Nieman Journalism Lab: Dan Gillmor: Journalism school should provide an excellent liberal arts education

Gillmor argues that, “Engaging more with the rest of the university is one way j-schools can gain relevance.” Sounds good to me.

Pew Research Center: In Changing News Landscape, Even Television is Vulnerable

Dennis Romero writes on the blog for UCLA Extension’s New Media Reporting course: “Here it is. The latest Pew “Trends in News Consumption” study founds that half of all Americans get their news online. One-third of adults under 30 now get their news via social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.”

Advice to Writers: “Very” is the Most Useless Word in the English Language



Neon Tommy: Mexican Institute Of Sound Opens Up About Music And Politics

Says musician Camilo Lara: “I felt as if politics came knocking at my door versus me searching for it.”


LA Weekly: Anthony Bourdain Told Me to Go to Baja. So I’d Be OK There. Right?

Ali Trachta reflects on her visit to breezy Baja California, Mexico to eat tacos, queso, and drink vino — all from behind a guarded gate.

Latinofoodie: Serving it Up with Armando de la Torre Sr., owner of Guisados

Why haven’t I discovered this blog before?! A brief interview with the man behind Guisados and its amazing braises and stews.


Boston Ballet: Faces of Boston Ballet: Meet Faye Jones

Boston Ballet, where I studied in the summer 2006, offers a unique program in “Adaptive Dance” for children with Down syndrome. Here’s a video about one girl’s experience.


Slate: Is Anorexia a Cultural Disease?

“…focusing on purported cultural “causes” of eating disorders leaves out the much bigger, more multifaceted picture of what these disorders are.”


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