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[Blog] Cafe Demitasse: How to Make Siphon Coffee (+ Video)

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What kind of coffee do I drink?  The lazy kind. 1) Boil water in plastic kettle. 2) Dump a spoonful of instant coffee with a sugar tablet into mug. 3) Pour in the water. 4) Stir, add milk, and voila.

Not very gourmet. So to me, the fancy contraptions at Cafe Demitasse across the street from my apartment seem straight out of science fiction. Demitasse, open since last August, has attracted a dedicated local following with its unique techniques and gourmet brews (most from local sources). I stopped by recently to learn about the craft of “siphon coffee.”

Apparently, the device used to make this kind of coffee was invented in Berlin in the 1830s. Mark Prince at CoffeeGeek.com says the method persisted into the next century, but fell out of favor during the 196os. Now, it is finding its way to upscale coffee shops. Prince finds siphon coffee unique because the process involves:

So much science. So much sensory involvement. So much fun.

And superior taste, too.

Watch Jack, a Demitasse barista, explain the process here:

Cafe Demitasse
135 S San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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