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Peruvian Cuisine in LA: Ceviche + Mucho Mas

alt=”” width=”560″ height=”420″ /> estofado de alpaca at Mo-chica / D. Solomon

Some foodists predict Peruvian food could become as popular as sushi and as widespread as Mexican cuisine. Time will tell. What’s certain is that the cuisine is extraordinary in its diverse influences. You can practically read the entire history of immigration to Peru — and learn about its native cultures and geography — on a single plate. I’m also certain of this: We are so lucky in L.A. Lima-born chef Ricardo Zarate is dazzling us with Picca and Mo-chica; meanwhile scores of homestyle Peruvian eateries abound. On the LA Weekly food blog today is my list of 15 spots to check out. And a sort of “Peruvian food 101” to go with it.


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