Why I Need a “Sandwich Maker”

today’s sandwich

One could argue that a sandwich is the simplest food to prepare. Yet, I depend on my “Sandwich Maker” greatly. Ok, so it’s a bit of a misnomer; my Cuisinart Sandwich Maker doesn’t really make the sandwich for you. What it does is grill the sandwich on both sides, and press the ingredients into two neat triangular packages. Everything heats up simultaneously, and at equal temperatures. The bread toasts to a perfect crisp. The resulting sandwiches are a million times more appetizing than the ones I used to make by hand, even with warm ingredients.

Why is this important? Because I’ve had too many hungry moments of staring into the refrigerator and grabbing at leftovers, or munching slices of raw pita bread. It’s mindless eating, and does nothing good for my body or peace of mind. When I use the Sandwich Maker, even if I’m preparing the simplest cheese and prosciutto sandwich, I slow down to consider my food and enjoy it. Yeah, I know, the same should go for any cooked food, Sandwich Maker or not. But my Sandwich Maker is reliable, and easy to use. It has its own little spot on the counter and is always there. Somehow, I’ve come to depend on it.


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