Santa Monica Farmers Market + Photo Slideshow

Watermelon Radishes

As a kid in Santa Monica, I went to the local farmer’s markets all the time.   They were exotic compared to boring old Ralph’s – always full of surprises, yet consistent enough to be dependable.  And who can deny the allure of fruit samples?  Plus, they sold clothes and jewelry, a total plus.  In fact, I bought my Bat Mitzvah dress at the Westwood farmer’s market.  

Lately, I’ve been a regular at the downtown farmer’s market outside City Hall.  But it’s more enjoyable for the people watching (I run into LA Times colleagues ALL the time) than the vendors.   The market at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, however, offers a dizzying array of produce and food options.   I stopped by this morning with the LA Weekly food editor, and snapped photos of the particularly colorful and unique-looking plants, fruits, and vegetables.

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