Insider’s View into Hollywood with “White Frog”

The set of White Frog, as seen from the upper level.

“And…it’s a wrap!”* I just spent the better part of three days on set for WHITE FROG, a small independent film from Quentin Lee. My Production Assistant duties gave me the opportunity to observe every aspect of the filming process.  Everyone in this city – where we’re so obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture – should have such a behind-the-scenes experience.  I was amazed and impressed by every single crew member’s skill and dedication, and the importance of even the most menial-sounding jobs.  And everyone stayed lighthearted and cheery even in the hectic atmosphere.

I got the PA gig because the film was using my office at Visual Communications as the set of The Firehouse, an arts and cultural diversity center that plays a big role in the story.  Director Quentin Lee was VC’s first intern in the late ’80s, and has stayed involved with the organization, so we let him rent out the space.  (Recap: I’m the Development & Marketing intern at VC this summer.)   In the course of a couple of days, the crew dressed up our office with colorful pillows, photo collages, toys and games, musical instruments, extra chairs, and a stand-up piano.  The style was described as “funky and eccentric.”  They didn’t have to add too much extra to achieve this effect.

Then, beginning Wednesday, White Frog crammed every single inch of office space with lighting, sound and camera equipment.  People bustled about from every department, helping to set up scenes, prepare the talent and monitor the takes. One of my jobs was to stand outside the set and yell “ROLLING!” and “CUT!” every time the commands came over my walkie-talkie.  (Mastering the walkie-talkie, by the way, is a total art, requiring an ability to have two to three conversations at once without skipping a beat.)

Thank you to the whole crew for having me on board.  Look for my name in the credits!

*They really say that! I learned a whole lot of lingo….


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