*BLOG / Boyle Heights / LOS ANGELES

Only in Boyle Heights

The Metro Gold Line station in the Boyle Heights on First St. / Daina Beth Solomon

There are so many things to see on a simple bike ride through Boyle Heights…

The white and pastel blue Toyota whose bumper is covered with hand-painted Jewish stars and the word “CHA-LOM!”

The two robust roosters reigning over a humble front-lawn.

The norteno music spilling onto the street from cars, dive bars, and a lone singer on a Metro Gold Line platform.

And the Evergreen Cemetery, now my favorite bike-riding spot.  There, headstones date to the late 1800s. They jut up from weed-choked brown grass at goofy angles, etched with names from city history: “Biddy Mason,” “Toyo Miyatake,” “Isaac Van Nuys,” and more.


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