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Screenshot of the Southern California area on CalEnviroScreen. The dark blue portions indicate the most polluted areas. | CalEnviroScreen May 1, 2014
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[Blog] Back at Ted Gibson’s framing shop, this time in for a surprise

March 9, 2014


Ted Gibon's moldings

Ted Gibson’s framing shop has stubbornly stayed in business. It has kept its charm, too.

[Intersections] Artist Ramiro Gomez: Painting LA’s ‘invisible’ workers (+ Video)

March 5, 2014



Artist Ramiro Gomez creates paintings of L.A.'s gardeners and janitors, nannies and housekeepers -- the fleet of workers who keep some of the city's most upscale households running smoothly.

[Neon Tommy] Israeli Musician David Broza Brings ‘East Jerusalem / West Jerusalem’ To L.A.

January 23, 2014



Israeli musician David Broza hopes that bridging cultures through music can be one small step toward peaceful coexistence.

[USC] Photo Essay: The Virgin of Guadalupe at Olvera St.

October 22, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 1.00.13 AM

Visit Flickr.com for a photo essay that celebrates images of The Virgin of Guadalupe in all their diversity.

[LA Weekly] Rocio Camacho: The Goddess of Mole

May 15, 2013



The spirits of ancient Mexican deities may soon reside in Los Angeles, enticed across the border by chef Rocio Camacho.

[LA Weekly] Melissa Barak: The Rebel Ballerina

May 15, 2013



Melissa Barak, ballet dancer and choreographer, sees dance as L.A.'s "next artistic frontier."

Posted in: ARTS, Ballet, DANCE, LA Weekly

[LA Weekly] Pablo Alvarado: The Man Who Organized Day Laborers

May 15, 2013



Pablo Alvarado, 46, normally affable and soft-spoken, bristles when he's called the Cesar Chavez of day laborers. Despite his accomplishments as director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, he doesn't see himself as a hero.


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